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History / Summary of performances 2002 - 2005

Portrait of the pigeon breeder Anton (Toni) Deigner

Much upheaval occured in the life of Toni Deigner. But since he began the pigeon sport in 1977 he practices it undauntedly and always with the view torward the future.

Toni is a pigeon breeder with heart and understanding! Only those close to Toni know him as the helpful and pleasant breeder who helps many colleagues all over the world.

· 1977 marks the beginning in Gaildorf-Württemberg on a wooded slope, where the hawk was a daily guest at the loft.

The first 10 pigeons came from a well-known breeder from the Swabian Albstadt in exchange for Toni's trained shepherd dog CONDOR.

· In 1980 they moved into the attic of the newly built house of his companion at that time

· 1983 Another move, this time into the extensively renovated garden shed of his employer. All in all the Gaildorfer time was a beautiful time with many friends, a period of the good old times as a pigeon breeder .

· In 1987 came drastic changes in the life of Toni Deigner. He answered an advertisement in the pigeon newspaper, in which an entrepreneur from the Odenwald was looking for a loft manager. All of this was contrived by the well-known federation champion at the time, minister Thomas Roeder.

· 4 weeks later Toni was in Kirschhausen close to Heppenheim in the beautiful Odenwald. He only took along the very best from his previous stock.

· He now began his advance to the top. A first-class loft installation, many new pigeons from absolute top breeders and above all naturally those from Thomas Roeder,always with the principle"only off the best pigeons". A principle, which Toni still obeys today. Add to this sufficient time to work with the pigeons in spite of his job. It didn't take long for the first successes to arrive.

· 1987 first RV-champion with yearlings

· 1988 2. District Ace bird with the original Roeder pigeons, 6. RV-champion old birds, 1. RV-champion with hens

· 1989 marks the largest stroke of luck in Toni's life; he became acquainted with his future wife Martha, who gave him what for him was always good and important, namely peace, security, support and absolute reliability. And she possesses a personality which made it possible to fulfil his longstanding desire of opening a restaurant again. Martha is a natural at being an excellent hostess.

In 1989 came the move with "everything and pigeons ". Martha and Toni opened their restaurant in greater Umstadt. They quickly changed a dreamy wine parlour into an outstanding food restaurant.

Until 1993, he flew from a garden loft erected on some rented property.

· 1992 he acquired in Semd/greater Umstadt an older farm and renovated it extensively. Gradually different pigeon lofts were erected and always built according to the newest standards in the pigeon sport.

· 1993 the final move and thus the renewed loss of all ace pigeons as fliers.

· In 1994 old birds were raced from greater Umstadt; young pigeons were flying from the newly built loft in Semd. However, practically all of the '94 young bird team got lost off the loft due to an encounter with a peregrine falcon.

· 1995 Toni could finally count on a reliable loft manager (Janos ); participation in the races was with yearlings and young birds.

· 1997 Toni's brother Josef becomes interested in racing pigeons. As an early pensioner he moves to Semd and begins to look after the birds with success.

· 1999 marks again a heavy setback for the brothers Deigner. An investigation shows in the middle of the flying season positive lab results of streptococci. An extensive treatment depresses the pigeons. Nevertheless, they still reach top prices afterwards just like they used to and also the percentage yield rises again strongly in the last races.

Josef Deigner buys in his native Swabia a little house and moves at the end of 1999 into the proximity of Schwäbisch Gmünd.

On November 28 1999 Toni and Gerhard Schlepphorst auctioned off all pigeons with foreign bands residing in his loft. As a man of honor Toni also includes his best stock birds in this auction. Proceeds from this auction were larger than expected. It was a surprise to see his sport friends Heinz Siebert from Uslar and Walter Hofer from Switzerland visit his loft the following day. They brought along 2 pigeons which they purchased at the auction of the previous day: The "MAESTRO I " and "DE JONGE MAES " which they would like to have stay in Semd. This decision took the age of the pigeons into consideration. They assumed that the two birds would be fertile longer in their accustomed loft than in a stange place.

Together the three breeders came to the folowing agreement. The two birds remained the property of the breeders, Siebert and Hofer; however, each third young pigeon would belong to Toni Deigner for the maintenance of the birds and pairing them with his ace hens. The remaining young pigeons could be sold after coming to an agreement with the two owners.

· 2000 brings a new challenge for Toni. He is proud to work in his breeding loft only with the excellent ace pigeons which he bred himself. Toni is convinced that he will now breed even better pigeons due to his severe selection.

In his spare time Toni holds some offices for the betterment of the pigeon sport:

- he is a founding member and member of the board of the CFB

- member of the 5-continents friendship circle with good connections

to Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, the USA and England.

What characterizes Toni is his honesty toward others and especially toward fanciers starting all over again. As the author of this breeding catalog I can confirm this to every breeder. After some unsuccessful years in the pigeon sport myself, when I got advice and pigeons everywhere, each one giving me different advice, I became aquainted with Toni Deigner in 1996 in Essen at the DV. My successes in the pigeon sport have improved greatly since then. I no longer have to start on the last page of the prize list to look for my name!! Besides many other successes in the last 2 years, I had the best yearling of Switzerland in 1999, a blue bird with the ring number DV-5150-98-368, a pure Deigner pigeon which I received as a gift from the branch loft of Toni, namely from Klaus & Margot Haun. I am convinced today that it is worth it to spend some "Fraenkli" or "DM" to aquire good material from a breeder who tells the truth about the genetic lines of his birds.

I also earned some money recently by selling the standard bird of the Swiss federation exhibition 2000 in Brig/Glis VS to Toni after careful considerations.

The reader may very well ask himself why Toni would be interested in a Swiss pigeon. Toni knows the situation in Swtzerland quite well and knows that it is not easy to fly here successfully. The pigeons fly from the east through many different valleys with constantly shifting winds. The danger through birds of prey exists in each race beginning at the release point, especially in the Bavarian protected areas, and just before reaching the lofts they must still cross the Voralpen, a hill of 900m above sealevel, within the last 5 kilometers. A race is usually open for only a few minutes due to the small number of birds entered.

The bird 37736-97 ,"Mr. Swiss air ", originates from a borrowed hen from Toni, the "Dikke Duif ", and therefore was understandably of interest to Toni. The bird's good looks come from my Klak pigeons and his speed from the Schellens.

Since Toni is so familiar with my birds, he also knows the offspring of this bird, which can be found further down on this page. "Mr Swiss air" was ace bird in our RV as young bird, as yearling and also as a two year old.

The decision to sell this bird was a very difficult one. Since he met the standard, he could have qualified himself for Capetown 2001; but he just as likely could have become a victim of a hawk on his first free flight this spring. At least this way I know that he is in good hands and where to get some offspring off him if needed.

I am convinced that Toni will have much pleasure with "Mr. Swiss air" and his offspring.

I hope that Toni can continue to reach his lofty goals. I wish Martha and Toni continuing good health and may they continue to be the honest and straightforward people that I've come to know. Our beautiful sport needs people like this if it is to survive the next 20 years.

CH-3472 Wynigen, January 2004 Walter Hofer jun.


Summary of Performances 2002 - 2005


1st     District champion in KV 121

1st     RV champion of the middle distances

1st     RV general champion

2nd     RV champion with yearlings

                    3rd     RV young bird champion with 13 perfect ones

5th     RV champion old birds; equal number of prizes as the 1st but with 743 more ace points

                    2 x    1st prize, racing efficiency 55%, 5 times the prize of honour for the fastest series

3rd     National young bird champion with "Rauschende Schwingen"

          3rd     National old bird champion with "Rauschende Schwingen"

          6th     Superstar Vitesse of the paper "De Duif "

1st     of the first international race of Poland

          1st     Ace pigeon in the Euroflug in USEDOM

                    8th     Ace pigeon in the last race of Euro-USEDOM

          5th     Ace pigeon of Europe at the EM in Mira/Portugal

                    3rd     Position in the last race of the "GP Emmental" of Switzerland

                   3.+ 4th Ace pigeons of the "GP Emmental" of Switzerland


1st     RV short distance champion

1st     RV long distance champion

          1st     RV young bird champion (even the 2nd & 3rd team would be 1st)    

          2nd    RV champion with hens

2nd     RV old bird champion (with 60 prizes the same as the 1st)

2nd    RV champion with cocks

3rd     RV middle distance champion

                    6 times 1st prize; 25 young birds with 5 prizes (the 3 best teams of the RV)

1st     District Ace bird 05150-95-15 ( 8.18. 25 etc. prize)

                    Gold, silver and bronze medals for old birds, Ace bird medal and bronze medal young birds

                    The bird 05150-96-15 wins 13/12 prizes und 1065,98 Ace points, 916 points evaluation of the federation

                    The following top prizes among the first ten were earned during the season 1998:


                    6 old birds get 13/12 prizes; 20 birds receive a total of 211 prizes

                    Racing efficiency 2004 totals 60 %


                           1st      RV general champion    4th RV champion with yearlings

                    1st      RV old bird champion   2nd RV long distance champion

                    1st     RV middle distance champion   4th RV young bird champion

                    1st     RV short distance champion   2nd champion "Die Brieftaube "

                    2nd     district champion KV 121   2nd champion Flug and Tr. Gem.

                        1st 5th 8th District Ace hen   4th District Ace cock

                       Racing efficiency 2003 totals 68 %




                        1st RV general champion   1st RV yearling champion

                        1st RV young bird champion   2nd RV champion with hens

                        1st RV short distance champion   2nd RV middle distance champion

                        2nd RV old bird champion   3rd RV long distance champion

                        Numerous medals and honour prizes for the fastest series

                        1st District Ace hen, 900 ace points with 3500 fliers;   11th Ace hen of the federation

                         Racing efficiency 2002 totals 60 %.

The performance of Toni Deigner is amazing, since the attentive reader will see in the following pedigrees that Toni puts some of his best fliers into the breeding section every year. Many fanciers would not dare to start each year with a new team but this only encourages Toni to get still better results. The advantage of this system is the quality in the stock loft and that some of the vacated nest boxes will be inhabited by still some other champions. This has worked very well in the past and we hope that it continues into the future.

Many ace pigeons are sold every year to Taiwan where the Deigner-Schellens attained a good reputation due to some major victories in the local money races there.


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